Jumbled Thoughts (with Meaning)

There comes a point in everyone’s life where we must accept that every day is fraught with something negative. Sometimes these negative things directly affect us and other times it is indirect. Either way, they will weigh heavy on our minds and color how we see the world that day.

I do not have something life changing to say to you today. In fact, you’ve probably heard all my thoughts before somewhere else.

All I have to offer are jumbled thoughts that I must get out or else I may implode.

When confronted with the choice to remember good things or bad things about someone: remember the good. Remember the laughter and how they smiled and their brilliance. Think about how radiant they were in their happiest moments.

The loss of someone, from death or the end of a relationship, is devastating. And there is almost nothing in this world that heals those wounds completely, but they heal, at least a little bit, with time.

Everything in life is finite and everything ends, especially life itself. And this is the source of our never ceasing existential dread.

So, today, please hug those you love. Text your friend you have not talked to in awhile. Be kind to everyone, even that person you may not like all that much. Spread joy and love because every damn day we are plagued with sadness and you can never know how much that person needs your kindness.

It can all be gone in an instant.

Live a life that makes those you encounter smile and fill with joy. Be the type of person that is remembered for compassion and love.

Just be nice to people. Value them. Take care of yourself.

That’s all.



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